We support Creation and Development of the business
with client companies.

SBI Group's private equity farm, Shinsei Corporate Investment Limited ("SCI") provides both Venture Investment and Buyout Investment.

Team Experience

Our core members have more than 10 years of experience in PE investment.
This makes us absolutely unique among other Japanese bank groups, where customary personnel rotations take place just to make it difficult for the staffs to pile up professional career in investment area.

Diligent Team

We conduct investments selectively, based on the disciplined due diligence. Our effort of making “right” investments has been explicitly reflected to the track record.

Track Record since 2004

As of November 30, 2016

  • Due Diligence conducted for:
    over 2000 companies
  • Invested in:
    67 companies
  • IPO-ed:
    20 companies
  • To IPO in the next 12 months:
    7 companies
  • IPO / Invested:

*Includes track record of Private Equity Division of SBI Shinsei Bank

Overseas Investment

We are a unique investment company that proactively utilizes its expertise and proactively leverages its networks outside of SBI Group.
SCI currently runs two co-GP funds, whose scope of investment includes overseas: