Venture Investment

Shinsei Corporate Investment makes investments that support the growth of venture companies while ensuring the practice of disciplined due diligence and the making of timely investment decisions.

We make minority investments in venture companies in the Pre-IPO stage, in addition to proactively co-establishing funds that focus on specific industries or growth stages together with outside business partners.

Buyout Investment

Shinsei Corporate Investment supports the growth of domestic small and medium-sized companies with business succession needs, holding more than half of the company’s voting right through a fund, and providing hands on management support. Additionally, Shinsei Corporate Investment actively engages in the provision of support for business succession that utilizes preferred stock and mezzanine investment.

CEO Message

Shinsei Corporate Investment provides innovative financial solutions for portfolio companies, leveraging both its expertise and networks inside and outside of the SBI Group.

In November 2012, Shinsei Corporate Investment Limited was created within the Private Equity Division of Shinsei Bank (current SBI Shinsei Bank) as the Private Equity investment arm of the Shinsei Bank Group (current SBI Shinsei Bank Group) . Since 2002, SBI Shinsei Bank has actively pursued an alliance strategy, investing in over 100 small- and medium-sized enterprises together with a wide variety of partners including general trading companies, entertainment companies, turnaround management consulting firms, and government-affiliated financial institutions. We look to support the improvement of corporate value of our customers through cooperation with appropriate partners in accordance with our customers’ growth stages and industries.

Additionally, SBI Shinsei Bank has actively looked to provide growth capital for venture companies in middle to later growth stages which have competitive advantages and high growth potential through Pre-IPO investment.

Shinsei Corporate Investment, utilizing the knowledge and expertise it has inherited from SBI Shinsei Bank, supports the business creation and development of its customers, working together with portfolio companies and leveraging our strengths of speed and professionalism.

Kenji Uesaka

President and Chief Executive Officer

In April 1992, Mr. Kenji Uesaka joined the Long Term Credit Bank of Japan (currently known as SBI Shinsei Bank, Limited.). In 2019, he assumed the role of an executive officer in charge of the bank’s group structured solutions.
Subsequently, he joined Shinsei Corporate Investment Limited. (SCI) and was appointed a member of the Board of Directors in 2022.
In 2023, he took on the position of an executive officer at SBI PE Holdings Co., Ltd. (his current position).
In April 2024, he was inaugurated as the president and chief executive officer of SCI (also his current position). In the same year, he became the head of the bank’s group structured solutions as a managing executive officer. (also his current position).